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Karma Collars is dedicated to making premium quality hand made custom leather dog collars, leashes, and accessories that stand the test of time. Our products are made in California and backed by a lifetime warranty. Shop online or visit our shop at 3409 3rd Ave. Sacramento, CA 95817.

The Story Behind The Story, aka some history... 

Karma Collars has always been fueled by the unbridled devotion and senseless optimism of one person with help from a small group of friends/employees and dogs who have given hundreds of human-hours to help build this thriving little company.

Our Mission...

After fostering 10 dogs in 3 years, starting a local Pit Bull owner support/activity group, volunteering at local shelters, participating in numerous free vaccine clinics, leash/collar drives, and adoption events - We simply saw a need for high quality gear at affordable prices. 

We started making leashes and collars out of necessity. As part of our local Pit Bull owner support/activity group we offered, "gear workshops" to help people understand training tools and gear options available to them. We wanted our members to build a strong and safe relationship with their dog when walking with our group. Through these workshops we found that people were simply unequipped, through no fault of their own, they simply couldn't get their hands on good gear! Frustrated and crafty, we sought instruction on how to make high quality leather gear for dogs so that we could take matters into our own hands, and the rest is history a.k.a. Karma Collars.

Our Vision...

Want to know what fuels our fire? We really want to see folks living and being well. As a small part of the whole, we work every day to be the best we can be. Creating hand made products from domestically produced leather is our little way of helping our local communities thrive. We are dedicated to keeping people in touch with creating, making, and being present inside the consumer experience. After all, it's silly little companies like ours that keep the manufacturing industry alive in America, and we're pretty darn proud to be a part of that.

We aspire to inspire. Our dogs have always been a source of "get up and go" for us; we hope you can harness that same energy inside your relationship with your canine companion(s). It's no mistake that our products are made to move and shake right along with you and your dog. We made a conscious decision to make this style of gear. There are millions of reasons NOT to get out there and bike, swim, walk and/or move - we didn't want your dog's gear to be part of that hurdle. We want this gear to scream "get me out of here and take me camping!" So get out there and live like a mammal!