Nature-Deficit Disorder

Really? Well, since it was a feature article in BARK Magazine, we believe it. Nature-Deficit Disorder pretty much sums up the reason we make gear that holds up to "dog safe" environments (like nature). Apparently this "disorder" was originally established to help parents and children navigate things like "stranger danger." Sound familiar? Yes, dogs exhibit signs of "stranger danger" too, so obviously they can suffer from Nature-Deficit Disorder - thanks for making that connection BARK mag. So, now that we are all totally freaked out, we say; forget fear, just get out there and take your furry-friend for a walk and everything will be fine... Most disorders require medication; this one just requires a good collar and leash!

Be Here Now

Dogs are mammals. Before we anthropomorphize all over them, they are straight up little hedonists. You can almost hear their brains working, "if a little's good, more is better," "that felt good, I'm gonna do it again regardless of the consequences." Today we had the pleasure of watching our own little hedonist make a big fat mess of the yard and her new collar. Come to think of it, maybe it was because we weren't really watching her that this happened? True that. But anyway, Grace's naughty ways always remind us of our true nature and why we build collars that can withstand the real life things our mammal (a.k.a. dog) friends do. So cheers to Grace and all the other little bundles of mud who are true to their nature and GET IT DIRTY! Don't worry parents; this is why you buy our gear.

Cuff Me Up


Under most circumstances we would advise against "matchy matchy" anything when it comes to fashion choices. But in this case we boldly rock and recommend the matching cuff option. Not only is studded leather the big "thing" in fashion this year, showing solidarity with your dog is fundamentally respectable no matter what the season. So, in the name of fashion we give you yet another way to express the bond you have with your dog while looking like you actually have the time (or care to) to read Vogue. Check out our ever expanding collection of "People Gear" now featured on our new website.

Like Butter Baby


First things first, the ID tag pictured in this post is made by Fetching Tags™*, if you do not have one you should get one now. Back to our point... Not to seem like we are back peddling, but we'd love to give you guys a little insight into the world of leather. We start with some really thick leather, no lie. We do this because our products are meant to stand the test of time and look great as they weather the storm that is your dog (and you). People sometimes trip-out when they first feel our gear (usually collars) because they feel thicker than webbing or most store bought leather collars. We get it, but we literally guarantee that your gear will break in within a few weeks-months depending on how often/hard you use it. Oh, you want proof; yeah that's why we posted this picture. This is Sequoia's collar, which she wears everyday, in the bath, when she swims (once a week), in the sun, for walks, etc. This collar is 3 months old and despite the dirt ring you see, which wipes of easily, this collar is smooth like butter, strong as the day we made it and just plain gorgeous. So just remember our favorite overused quote "everything's gonna be alright," so get out there and work that gear!

*Fetching Tags™ is not affiliated with Karma Collars, but we love their tags!