The Scoop on ID Tag Holder Sizing


In an ongoing effort to bring you the best products, we are enhancing our measuring recommendations for ID Tag Holders. ID Tag Holders were originally designed to fit like a doggie necklace, loose and low on the neck, slipping on and off over your dog's head fairly easily. Seems simple right? Well, the more ID Tag Holders we've made the more we've realized that different breeds have different head to neck ratios, so we have decided to start asking for your dog's head measurement too. 

Normally we size our ID Tag Holders by taking your dog's neck size and adding 2-3" in overall length depending on the general size of the dog. This upsizing allows the collar to fit on and off over the head since there is no clip or buckle on this style of collar. When giving us your dog's neck measurement you DO NOT need to add in this extra length for us, that will only confuse the process and cause you to get a collar that is MUCH too big for your dog. Yikes! 

In order to capture your dog's unique shape, when ordering any of our ID Tag Holders, please let us know your dog's neck and head measurement (at the widest point). You may also let us know if you prefer the collar to fit snug or more loosely. Please do remember that these collars are hand made and we are working from your information. We will do our best to ensure the fit you desire but we ask that you accept some variation in sizing/fit on products that are non adjustable. 

Take a look at these guys; this is the same ID Tag Holder on 2 different sized dogs. As you can see, the collar on the left is a tighter fit, sitting higher on the neck than the collar on the right. The collar on the right is how our ID Tag Holders are intended to look/fit, but please feel free to let us know if you would like a tighter fit as shown here on the left.