Tips & Tricks

This page goes over how to use our "multi-use" products like the double ended leash, double d-ring collars, and more. This section also helps you understand how we size our collars and how you can help us provide your dog with the best fit by measuring your dog's exact neck size.

BACKING UP A TRAINING COLLAR: One of the most popular uses for the Double Ended Leash is as a "backup" for training gear. Here we show you how to "backup" a training collar with your Double Ended Leash. Sequoia is wearing a Double D-Ring style collar but you can use a standard D-ring in the same way. If you are using a Halti or Gentle Leader you would simply attach one end of the leash to the head-harness and the other end to your dog's flat collar.
PRODUCT TIP: If you are new to using a double ended leash and you will be using your leash as a backup, remember that your leash will be folded in half, so you want to order a long enough leash to accommodate this use. Many people have a hard time deciding what length of double ended leash to order - if you are using it as a backup and you are UNDER 6' tall we recommend ordering a 6-foot leash. If you are over 6' tall you may prefer a 7-foot leash.
BACKING UP with a DOUBLE D-RING COLLAR: Another popular way to back up a training collar (not a head-harness) is to use a carabiner with a Double D-Ring Collar. This is a simple, affordable, and effective way to ensure total control of your dog in the event of a training gear failure. Make sure you attach the carabiner to the non-active o-ring on the training collar, you will need the swivel action attachment for your active leash attachment.

MEASURING YOUR DOG'S NECK FOR THE BEST FIT: We make our buckled collars with 5 buckle holes, so you are always assured a 3" range of adjustability on any collar. Because we embellish our collars with so many conchos, jewels and studs, we strive to have a "center point" on each collar that matches up with the back of your dogs neck to best display your collar design. We ask that you measure your dog's EXACT neck size to ensure the best fit. Here are a few images to help you understand how to measure your dog.

You will want to measure your dog with a cloth measuring tape or you can use a strip of paper, mark it, and measure it out with a tape measure or ruler when you are done. Do not pull too tightly, or leave a lot of gap/slack. Most people find that they like to adjust their dog's collar per the activity - around the house they have the collar looser, when walking or swimming they tighten it up, this is why we give you a significant adjustment range.