Sizing Guide

If your dog is currently wearing a collar and you like the way it fits, please scroll down the page to the instructions on how to measure your existing collar.

Each Karma Collar is custom made to your size specifications. You will be asked to provide your dog's exact neck size when you place an order. The size you put in the neck size box will be the middle hole punched. The sizing options provided in the drop-down menu on each product are for pricing purposes and collars being ordered as gifts where general sizing is acceptable.


  1. We size our collars by NECK SIZE, not overall collar length.
  2. Properly measuring for your dog is important, we work from YOUR measurements! All collars come with 5 holes with the middle hole being your dog's neck measurement where your give us your dog's neck size in the neck size box. This neck size, is what we use to specially make your dog's collar. Small collars may come with three holes so we can get more bling onto the collar.
  3. Use a cloth measuring tape for around the neck. DO NOT USE A METAL HOUSEHOLD MEASURING TAPE!
  4. Alternatively, you can use a string, then measure the string flat with a traditional tape measure, ruler, or yard stick.
  5. Do NOT measure extra skin, try to get the tape measure up under the flaps, but do not pull too tightly, especially if you like a loser fit. DO NOT add length for "good measure"
  6. Measure your dogs neck in the center of the neck, not too close to the head (collar will be too small) or too close to the shoulders (collar will be too big).
  7. If you are unsure of your measurements PLEASE call or email us and we will assist you!


  1. Lay the collar out flat
  2. Measure from where the material wraps to the hole where your dog wears the collar (NOT THE END), do not measure the excess buckle or material after the proper hole. If you are measuring a collar with a clip or quick release buckle, be sure not to include the part of the buckle that goes into the other buckle end in your measurement.


In order to capture your dog's unique shape, when ordering any of our Martingale collars, please let us know your dog's neck and head measurement (at the widest point). You may also let us know if you prefer the collar to fit snug or more loosely. Please do remember that these collars are hand made and we are working from your information. We will do our best to ensure the fit you desire but we ask that you accept some variation in sizing/fit on products that are non adjustable. Please fill out the neck and head size in the boxes upon ordering



Measuring Your Belt Size or Length

These are handmade, so don't go off of a store measurement. The best way to find your size is to measure a belt you have been wearing. A belt's size is measured not from end to end, but from where the leather folds over the buckle to the most used hole. We are also happy to assist you in this process over the phone. Each belt is hand made, so the measurement you choose will be what you receive.