Q: How do I know what size collar to buy?

A: Measure your dog or current collar as shown in our SIZE GUIDE. Order the size range that your dog's exact neck measurement falls into. We hand make each collar to your size specifications so the exact range on your collar will be customized based on your measurements. Be careful... Measure twice, order once!


Q: How do I measure for ID tag holders?

A: It is best to give us both head & neck measurements. Check out this blog post for pictures and instructions on how to best take measurements for this type of product.


Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: We have a 4-6 week turnaround time. If you order during a SALE please allow the full 6 weeks. If you order a custom nameplate collar please allow the full 4-6 weeks. Please allow a few days for shipping within the United States, we ship USPS Priority Mail. We will email you with tracking information when your order ships.


Q: Can I make a minor change to a design?

A: Minor changes, like a change in stone or jewel color, can be made by telling us your request in the notes field. If you are unsure if your change is minor just email us at info@karmacollars.com


Q: How do I keep my collar clean? Should I condition it?

A: After years of product testing we are 100% sold on Leather Honey products. We recommend their cleaning solutions as well as their conditioners for our black and brown leathers. Our tan and garnet colored leather can be cleaned with cold water and Lexol cleaner if needed. Tan and Garnet colored leathers should be treated with non-darkening leather dressing, we use Lexol brand.