We are frequently asked about color selection. What color is best for brindle dogs? Will the tan clash with a red/fawn dog? And so on... Most choices come down to personal taste, but we have learned a few things that might help you make a selection. If you want to "pop" the caramel flecks in your dark brindle dog, choose tan, our tan leather does darken over time, but will never become as dark as our brown leather. Brindle dogs are lucky because they look good in everything, if you are not trying to bring out any specific color in your dog's coat, just pick the color you like best. If you want to avoid clashing colors on a red/fawn coat, choose brown (not tan). Black dogs look great in our garnet leather. Our garnet leather is sealed to help it retain the brilliant red tones, however with heavy use and/or swimming this leather will darken a bit naturally. Black is a classic choice for any dog, we love pairing black leather with brass hardware, when available, to create a truly custom look.

You may notice that we have a limited selection of stone and jewel colors for most collars - this is because we have carefully selected color options that will look good no matter how you mix/match them. We are here to make your dog look good, not just sell you stuff! With that said, we are happy to work with you on a custom design. We can order almost any color of stone/jewel, but we will be honest with you about our recommendations for achieving your custom look. Just email us at hello@karmacollars.com to start working on a custom design.

If you would like to see a number of collars/colors on various coat colors, we recommend looking at our gallery page.