Size Does Matter (Sizing)

Sometimes we forget to state the obvious. Our collars are hand made. All of our products are "made to order," which means we only make what is ordered and we make it only for the person/dog it is ordered for. We do not warehouse or stock any collars. When you place your order we treat it like a guest, it is prepared for, carefully considered through the fabrication process, then sent off with the deepest gratitude and appreciation. 

Did we have a point here? Oh yeah, Sizing. We work from neck size, this means actual neck circumference, NOT overall collar length. When you check out on our website you will see a "dialog box" that asks you for your dog's exact neck size. It's true; some people miss it, no worries, if you miss it we will email you until you give us the info! We don't ask you this to be annoying; we realize that you already picked a size from the drop-down box on our site. But, the size menu on our website is for pricing and general range only. Example: If you order a big dog collar and select a size LARGE (17-19.5" neck), this means your dog has a NECK size that falls anywhere in that size range. If you order a large and tell us your dog has a 19.5" neck, you followed the directions perfectly. However, we will actually make you a collar that fits an 18"-21" neck because that will fit your dog better. Basically we are looking for the best fit for your dog, not just any dog, so we really like to have your stats before we make your collar. Also, If your dog is a puppy or still growing please let us know so we can help you get the most wear out of your collar size.

Ultimately, we want you to be happy and have the best fitting collar you can get, the custom nature of our products is part of what you pay for, so we want you to get your moneys worth. In an effort to assist you in getting the most accurate measurement of your dog we are updating our instructional images and working to better explain the measuring process. As always, we encourage your feedback/input and would much rather you contact us with questions than "guess" at your dog’s size. We are always here to help. 

 Choosing a collar width can be very confusing... We have broken down our products into width categories on our website to help you pick the right width for your dog's size.

There are exceptions to the rule, but basically, the smaller the dog the narrower the collar. The narrowest collar we sell is 1/2" wide (half inch), which is very skinny. Half-inch collars are great for Chihuahuas, Doxies, and very small-framed dogs. The widest collars we sell are 2 inches wide,*  which is a great size for Mastiffs, Large framed power breeds, and dogs with long necks. 

MICRO & SMALL FRAMED DOGS (15-pounds or under): Dogs this size generally have 9"-12" necks. We recommend our 1/2," 5/8," and 3/4" collars for small dogs. If your dog is a dainty little one, stick with 1/2" collars, as they are lightweight and narrow. If you have a tough little dog, you could go all the way up to our 3/4" collars. Some smaller dogs can even handle our 3/4" & 1" collars tapered to 1/2" at the front, like the Outlaw or Little Rocker collars. 

SMALLER & MEDIUM FRAMED DOGS (20 to 35-pound dogs): Dogs this size generally have 13"-15" necks. We recommend our 3/4" to 1" collars for medium sized dogs, if your dog is on the smaller side we can always taper our 1" collars down in the front to keep the hardware bulk to a minimum, like our Zen and Targa collars.

LARGER FRAMED DOGS (40 to 65-pound dogs): Dogs this size generally have 16"-19" necks. We recommend our 1.25" and 1.5" collars for larger dogs to ensure durability and longevity. If you do not use your flat/buckle collar for walking or you have an older large dog, you can always go with a narrower collar to reduce weight and bulk. Click on these links to view our full line of 1.25" and 1.5" collars.

EXTRA LARGE FRAMED DOGS (70 + pound dogs): We generally recommend 1.5" to 2" collars for extra large breed dogs. Our collars are not intended for extended tethering use (as a primary mode of confinement), so we find that 1.5" wide collars are often plenty for everyday wear... But 2" collars are just tons of fun and give us so much design space the possibilities are almost endless. 

Hope this sheds some light on the vast selection of collars we offer. Have fun and never hesitate to email us if you have questions or would like to have a custom collar made!