Westside ID Leather Tag Holder


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Pure genius! This collar is a hybrid of our popular Clip & Slip collar and the ZEPPLIN applied to a slim and sexy I.D. Tag Holder. We have to credit a crafty customer with this design!

The Westside I.D. Tag Holder is made with 1/2" wide Latigo leather adorned with dozens of hand set 1/4" pyramid studs. This collar features a small 1/2" clip, stationary O-ring and floating O-ring for tags that hand just the right way. Please note the floating O-ring on this collar is for tags only, not to be used as a slip collar.

Our ID Tag Holders do not buckle, they are sized LARGER than your dogs neck size to fit "on and off" over your dog's head. If your dog's head is the same size or smaller than the neck (Greyhounds, etc.) PLEASE LET US KNOW.

Our I.D. Tag Holders are an elegant way to be sure your dog is safely "tagged" without having to wear a full collar around the house or on the go. Couple an I.D. Tag holder with a traditional walking collar, wear it on it's own (not intended for leash walking), or switch off with your favorite flat collar or training tool.

WE CANNOT FILL YOUR ORDER WITHOUT YOUR DOG'S SIZE INFORMATION. Our collars are hand made to order. We need to know your dog's neck size to best fit your collar, ID Tag Holders are made LARGER than your dog's neck measurement in order to fit over the head - PLEASE let us know if your dog has a small head. Please check out our SIZE GUIDE for details on how to measure your dog's neck. You will be asked for your dog's size at checkout, thanks!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan S.

These two tag hangers are the 4th tag hangers I have bought from Karma collars (we have 4 dogs). The craftsmanship and quality of the Collars is top notch. The leather ages beautiful and the collar gets better and softer with time. We get complements all the time on our dogs karma collars :-)

Beautiful and Well Crafted

This collar is so lovely and the clasp is useful and I feel more secure knowing I can unclasp it if necessary. It runs very large however. We bought this (Medium) for our female (15" neck) but it was way too large, it slid right off her head hung on her shoulders. Luckily we could give it to our male who has a much larger head and it fit a bit big as well but we are making due. With the ability to clasp and unclasp the collar it is not as necessary to have it so loose. I would suggest sizing down. We ordered the small for our female and are waiting to get it in to see how it fits. It is a beautiful collar!

Beth A Simich

My APBT (pit bull) has worn this ID holder at all times since 2012. It has survived 5 household moves, one mad escape attempt, and a riverbed without breaking, tearing, or losing the decoration. As well, the ID holder has a nice patina as I allow it to age with my dog.

This is the best investment ever! Superb quality at a fair price. I am preparing to order again for my AmBully and intend to recommend Karma Collars to everyone.