Custom Leather Dog Collars

Custom Leather Dog Collars

 Custom Leather Dog Collars of Heavy, Latigo Leather, far better quality than Genuine leather or premium leather! Latigo leather is the Rolls Royce of Leathers! USA made!  At Karma Collars, for 13 years, we have strived for quality in our handmade, custom leather dog collars, leashes, and accessories. Our leather dog collars and leashes are proven to stand the test of time for quality. Made of Heavy, Latigo Leather, Handmade in the USA! Won't stretch out or tear with strong pullers like other leathers will.  Our leather edges go through our own unique 17 step process to make them super soft for your fur baby!

"All the bling in the world will never distract me from quality craftsmanship"

Our primary focus is quality. Without a solid foundation of skilled leatherwork, the highest quality materials, and master craftsmanship you have nothing. You can dress it up however you like, but "bedazzling" a low quality piece of leather with cheap studs and "bling" will never be our thing...

Design is important, we know that. Our goal is to bring you timeless, sophisticated designs you will cherish as much as your dog. We are not trying to sell you a collar for every day of the week. We want to sell you a durable, classic, well made piece of gear you can use daily and enjoy for years to come!

Karma Collars is dedicated to making premium quality hand made custom leather dog collars, leashes, and accessories that stand the test of time. Our artisan leather products are always hand made in USA.