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Randy Robinson
Lizajane's and Dozer's collars.

My dog's Karma collars are even more beautiful than I expected.The quality of the material is excellent.The love and craftsmanship put into the collars is outstanding. My pups like them too. It took a little time to get them, but the wait was well worth it.
Thank you,
Randy Robinson DVM

Trish B.
Yessena Collar for female Golden Retriever

This collar is perfect for my English Cream Golden Retriever. She looks great in it and it fits her personality well. Every time I go to the dog park, my retrievers get complements on their collars. I fully expect this to last her entire life because of the quality materials and craftsmanship that went into making it. All three of my dogs have a Karma Collar.

Best purchase

I got this collar and a matching leash for my corgi, Patsy Cline. I could not be happier with how it turned out. Its so beautiful. It fits perfectly and makes her look like the princess she is.

Thank you! We loved that set!

christy f.
Outstanding quality for my outstanding girl

Leather - buttery smooth
Gems/Daisies - glamorous
Brass nameplate - finishing touch
I use this collar when we go out for public events, not for everyday. It really makes my little cur dog look like a VIP..
She gets extra attention from the people we meet which she loves, and I get compliments, win-win.

It was pricey but Ive never seen anything else like it, and the quality is exceptional, so I think it will hold up for a long while.
I would definitely order from Karma again, and I do refer the people who ask where I got it.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

Cheri A.
The collar so nice, I bought it twice!

When my sister got her first dog, Daisy, years ago, I knew the Yessena collar matching leash would be the perfect gift. And it was! They got compliments all the time, and Daisy looked great. Both pieces held up beautifully for years, and likely would’ve continued to do so for several more, but then poor Daisy and her beautiful collar got skunked. My sister tried to save the collar, but eventually got Daisy a new, plain old nylon collar. It was a travesty - no more compliments, people mistook her for a boy. So for Christmas, all my sister asked for was a new Yessena collar, and I was happy to oblige! Now Daisy is back to looking gorgeous and getting all the compliments she deserves!