Oh Snap! A Guide to Leash Snaps


There are dozens of leash snap/clip attachment styles out there but these two are our favorites. After years of testing we've found these two styles to be the easiest and most fool proof for general use. With this said, we love to do custom work, so if you would prefer another style of leash clip we can do it - just let us know what you're looking for. 

Why we love the Trigger Snap: Our quick release trigger snap with a round swivel eye which prevents twisting and tangling of the attached rope or round leather. The quick release mechanism makes this a frequently used favorite for dog and horse products (lunge lines, reins, leashes. We started using Trigger Snaps because we noticed that the small flat o-ring style attachment pieces on the Halti, Gentle Leader and prong style collars would actually wiggle through the opening on a Bolt Snap, causing the leash to release - yikes! With the Trigger style snap there is not chance of this happening. Trigger Snaps have a small pin that goes through the center to allow the two sides of the clip to move and stay put. Occasionally a Trigger Snap pin will get gunk in it and become stiff, this rarely happens but all gear should be checked and cleaned/lubricated if this occurs. Trigger snaps allows you fast, easy on and easy off access.

Why we love the Bolt Snap: Well, because this is what most people are used to and it is the easiest way to clip a leash on and off. Bolt Snaps have a tiny spring inside the shaft that creates the "spring" action when you pull down the bolt to open/close the clip. Over time this spring can weaken and start to allow the clip to open under very small amounts of pressure. Have you ever had a leash come of when your dog shakes their head? This is usually because the shaking action actually caused that little spring to push down and allow your leash clip to open - again, yikes! This can simply be because the leash is old, the clip was cheap to begin with, or the clip was defective, either way, if this happens it's time for a new leash.

Our favorite leash still remains the double ended leash with a combination of clips, one end with a Trigger Snap and one end with a Bolt Snap - simply the best of both worlds...