Get Your Fix


One of our main goals is to create products that won't end up in the landfill a year after you buy them. While we aren't rabid environmentalists, we are sensible folk who know the value of a dollar and don't care for the "disposable" nature of current consumer culture. We've said it before but will say it again; we don't make "novelty" quality goods. What does this mean? It means we don't make trendy, cheap, pseudo-disposable gear that will look dated, shot-out, or otherwise lame in a year or two. The point being, we take pride in creating timeless designs using materials that can stand up to your active lifestyle. All of our gear has a lifetime warranty, because life can be short, but life can also be long and hard. Conchos can "take one for the team," rivets can "bite it" from time to time, that's just how life is. So... For the fun little mishaps life can hand you, at least we've got your back when it comes to our gear.