Make You a Believer (PART I)

Well, we can't "make" you a believer, but we can make you one kick butt collar that will remind you what it feels like to actually get what you pay for. It literally takes 25 general steps to make 1 Karma Collar (not counting the little stuff). In fact, way back in the day we had a "collar making party" with 10 friends and all but 1 person left our house vowing to never make another collar as long as they lived... This isn't to say we don't love what we do; it's just that collar making (for most people) is like getting your oil changed; it's just easier to pay someone else to do it. 

In an effort to help you understand how our gear is made, why it is superior to many other brands, and what the heck you are really paying for - we have decided to do a little "blog series" on the distinguishing characteristics of a Karma Collar. So without further ado...

Rivets: On all of our collars over 3/4" wide we use 6-7 rivets (depending on collar width). This is 2-3 more rivets than you will generally see used on the buckle and D-ring area of other brands. We use this technique because leather softens as it breaks in and can allow the D-ring to slip under the buckle or spin. With extra rivets we hope to secure our D-rings for years and years of uncompromised use.

Screws: ALL of the top D-rings on our Double D-Ring Collars are held in by screws, NOT rivets. While rivets are strong, they are not as permanent or fool proof as screws. Our screws are also "locked" with thread-locking glue to keep them from backing out or unscrewing under heavy use. Note - the screws we use are made for use on dog collars and finished goods; they are very smooth and will not be felt by your dog in any way.

Contoured Buckle Holes: Ever notice how some belts/collars just sit better than others? We use an oval shaped punch for our buckle holes so the buckle tongues lay flat and give your collar a nice natural contour. Yeah, round holes are much easier to punch, but we just like the added benefit of the oval holes.

Hope this gets you as excited about our gear as we are!